Wise Owl

I am a certified Medium & Angel Intuitive, a certified Reiki Master Teacher, an Ordained Minister, a graduate of Kyle Gray’s Angel Card Mastery Program, and a graduate of Corin Grillo’s Angel Alchemy Academy.

I provide tools and guidance using 1 hour sessions to start releasing programmed beliefs and conditioning that are not for your divine good. I believe that transformation occurs when the client is ready.

I provide a safe environment for my clients. I am fully present with each individual, and listen to understand their situation and then I use my intuition, knowledge and energetic gifts to best meet each client’s needs.

I invite each client to reach their fullest potential.  My mission is to help you to live fully into your power.

Anita, how can I even begin to express my appreciation for your wisdom and insight. You have an amazing ability to help shift perspective, even when I say, “I know this,” you allowed me to expand my awareness even further. Thank you for your patience and telling it like it is. Love ya lady!!
~ Anna Banguilan