Anita Roush

Anita is an Empowerment Catalyst, Abundance Guide and Reiki Master, who brings her own unique perspective to living in a truly empowered, authentic way.

Learn how to put the responsibility for your happiness back in your hands.
Learn how to FEEL abundant again.
Learn to use your words carefully for only what you want to create in your life.

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Anita Roush thank you. And because of your mentorship I am boldly honoring my abundant nature. You are truly a healer of healers.
~ Toni Pettus

Reiki with Anita
Anita has the ability to inspire others using her own past experiences and her ability to communicate with extraordinary ease and clarity. Her own journey has been an experiential series of events that lead her to an awakening of spirit. Book a session with Anita and open yourself up to more health, wealth and wisdom.